Forgotten Classic: Striptease

Demi loves to party!
AKA Showgirls' twisted little sister...

Before I bought this, I was advised not to. However, the person that told me not to buy this does not like Showgirls, so I quickly discarded this advice. The DVD cover immediately caught my eye - seeing Demi Moore naked reminded me of About Last Night, which I love so buying Striptease was a no brainer. As the film started I wasn't entirely sure what to expect - an emotional drama, comedy, erotic thriller, legal drama? Well fortunately, this trashterpiece had it all.

Legal drama? Demi Moore's character is a lawyer turned stripper AND a single mother, battling for custody of her children - trash heaven. Erotic thriller? Demi thrusting about to Little Bird and various other tracks from the Annie Lennox masterpiece, Diva. Comedy? Well the excellent Burt Reynold's delivers that as the bumbling Congressman (who's bizarrely akin to George W. Bush) - one scene even sees him covered in vaseline which is strangely hilarious. Chuck in Ving Rhames and Robert Patrick and you've got a party. However, Striptease isn't all fun and games. Some points are dark and brutal, such as one scene which see Demi's character Erin being beaten by her ex-husband. 

This mash-up of serious drama, eroticism and comedy is perfect! Go buy Striptease!

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