Forgotten Classic: The Boys Next Door

In honour of the madcap goings on from Charlie Sheen over the past few months it's time to honour him for something other than taking bricks of coke and banging/kidnapping multiple porn stars (allegedly...). This week's forgotten classic is The Boys Next Door. Although this sounds like a gay porn film, it's a little seen gem.

Maxwell Caulfield and Charlie Sheen star two troubled teens that head to Los Angeles and embark on a violent murder spree, shocking the nation. These two boys are not criminals or mentally ill, simply alienated American teenagers, the boys next door.

Playboy described The Boys Next Door as 'Taut, hypnotic and chilling' and this is certainly the case. I would also add into this the film is extremely brutal - the film does not shy away from the violence, it's hard hitting and disturbing - a very brave move. To think, Penelope Spheeris' who directed this, also directed Wayne's World is a tribute to her dynamism as a director.  Unlike other films of the time, that would simply condemn these teenagers, Spheeris' film attempts to explain what would lead two ordinary 'all American' boys to commit such horrible crimes. This is not to say the film justifies these crimes, it simply asks you to think before condemn the actions of someone.

Sheen's onscreen relationship with Caulfield is excellent - reflecting the strength of their friendship and how destructive it becomes. Maxwell Caulfield is particularly chilling, as the tormented young Roy and put's in one of his finest performance - which is sad when you see how overlooked this film is, Caulfield's career should have been massive.

If you pick up the Anchor Bay DVD there's an excellent commentary from Spheeris and Caulfield. Genuinely, take a look at this superb eighties flick.
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