Top Ten Films Of 2010

10. The Last Exorcism

Eli Roth presents a realistic and refreshing take on the exorcism genre, being one of the first to present the psychological side of the phenomena.

Ain't she bendy?
9. The Other Guys

Amusing and well crafted comedy, that manages to get top notch comedy performances from a talented cast. Mark Wahlberg and Michael Keaton in particular. Gator's bitches better be usin jimmies!

Wooden gun
8. The Town

Ben Affleck's Boston-set crime feature is a stunning follow up to his first directorial debut. Affleck manages the dual tasks of starring and directing, with a well written script and powerful action scenes.

Affleck and Jeremy Renner in The Town
7. Piranha 3D 

Highly entertaining star-filled gorefest. Piranha knows it's place, it's not meant to be seen as a cinematic masterpiece and excels as an over the top shock 'em feature. I'm sure Kelly Brook + no bikini, had nothing to do with the film's British success...

Kelly was shocked when she realised other women had breasts too
6. The World's Greatest Dad

Robin Williams stars as a depressed teacher who's self confessed "asshole son" dies during an auto-erotic asphyxiation accident. Sounding funny? Well Bobcat Goldthwait's direction is perfect, and Robin Williams is truly back on form after such disasters as Licence to Wed & R.V. Considering the end sequence involves a highly naked Robin Williams, it's hauntingly beautiful.

Emotional Robin Williams
5. Burlesque

Cher: "Oh Hai Christina Aguilera", Christina: "Ooooohhhh Oooooohhh...!" Cher: "Oh...okay" Yes! Lot's of that but that adds to it's in your face charm. The music is absolutely stunning, despite a predictable and simple plot (but that's not why we see a musical is it!). Cher's two numbers feel like classic Cher numbers and Christina belts out several up-beat poppy numbers that will leave you wanting more. With entertaining turns from Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigadent, Kristen Bell and a very underused Alan Cumming  - Burlesque may have stolen Nine's crown as musical of the 2000s.

"Ohhhh Ah Ah Ohhh....!"
4. Somewhere

Stunning film. Stunning direction. Stunning writing. Stunning acting. Beautiful! Sofia Coppola directs a moving depiction of the father-daughter relationship, set against the life of Johnny Marco, a movie star who's career is in decline. Stephen Dorff puts in a mature performance that was meant for him, whilst the young Elle Fanning gives a heart-felt and engaging turn as Marco's daughter. Not to be missed.

Stephen Dorff quite rightly exerts his awesomeness
3. The Ghost

Poor Roman Polanski, quiet the year he's had. However his personal troubles, do not detract at all from his intelligent and fast paced political thriller, The Ghost. Pierce Brosnan shows us he can act, and more importantly he's still here. Ewan McGregor gives us another solid performance and delivers as usual. The core idea of the film is a cat and mouse chase, and Polanski direction makes this a tense and unsettling picture.

"So you like Daniel Craig's Bond!"
2. The Killer Inside Me

Brutal and chilling adaptation of Jim Thompson's 1952 novel. Casey Affleck is terrifying and unnerving as Sheriff Lou Ford, harbouring the tendencies of a psychotic killer. Critics of the film would have you believe the violence is unjust and over the top, however this depicts the pure and brutal nature the book intended. Also features a bizarre appearance from Bill Pullman. A highly overlooked film.

"She got a real purdey mouth"
1. Shutter Island

Perfection! Scorsesse shows us he truly is the master of his craft. Dicaprio's intense performance has to be regarded as one of his finest, with great chemistry with Mark Ruffallo. The 'villains' of the film, the island's medical staff (Ben Kinglsley and Max von Sydow, make this feel like a Hammer feature with elements of film noir. Fantastically written, leaving the audience to choose their own ending in a sense.

Sir Ben runs from autograph hunters

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