Eurovision 2020: Rating Czechia’s Eurovision Song CZ

The Eurovision world is abuzz just now with national selection news with the Czech Republic announcing details of its seven entries competiting in Eurovision Song CZ 2020. Unlike many other nations, the Czech selection is open to the public voting internationally with public vote making up 50% of the total, split between 50% jury votes. We’ve rated the competitors below.

Benny Cristo – “Kemama”

Cristo’s charisma oozes here, but the song never particularly takes off, continually feeling like it is building to a moment which never arrives. The melody isn’t not particularly memorable and Kemama is ultimately far too low key for us.

Olga Lounová – “Dark Water”

Olga Lounová’s Dark Water is a gorgeously intense pop ballad. Subtle melodic backing gives this an atmospheric vibe which evokes early Dido vibes. Olga’s vocals are powerful and emotive – something only enhanced by the striking visuals of the music video – hopefully which will retained in staging and live production of the pop ballad.

We All Poop – “All the Blood (Positive Song Actually)”

This band, formed with Eurovision 2020 in mind, is a pop-rock ballad which the artists describe as  “planned coincidence punk-pop”. We’re not too sure what planned coincidence refers to in terms of music, but this is a track that is actually better than the band’s name would suggest. It’s angsty pop rock with lead singer Jakub Božek selling this brand with conviction.

Pam Rabbit – “Get Up”

Former Mikolas Josef backing singer Pam Rabbit enters with CZ 2020 with Get Up, a somewhat charming slice of alternative pop. Positioning herself as somewhere between Lorde and Billie Eilish, Pam’s track is an undeniable grower that creeps under your skin. Whilst it lacks of emotional clout of Olga’s Dark Water, it is an interesting pop track that could do well.

Karell – “At Least We’ve Tried”

File this one under inoffensive, well-craft but instantly forgettable. Technically it’s well produced and should be quite a heartfelt, rousing piano ballad – but when compared to the likes of Arcade, Karrelll’s track is immediately forgettable piano balladry.

Elis Mraz & Čis T – “Wanna Be Like”

Inspired by the legendary Jasmine Masters’ meme-making talents “And I oop” – maybe not – but Elis Mraz, a The Voice semi-finalist, delivers this Fuego-tinged tropical-banger, fully embracing the sense of fun. With flecks of late-nineties and early noughties R&B pop, Wanna Be Like, is the most upbeat track of the selection and may stand out for that reason.

Barbora Mochowa –  “Black & White Holes”

This whimsical slice of dream pop is up there with Dark Water as our standout. Barbora’s vocal whisperings evoke classic sixties pop, yet there is nothing dated about this track which simmers with a light futuristic whimsy thanks to its bubbling electronic production. Yet our enigmatic chanteuse is the star of this impressive track.

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