Eurovision 2020: Meet The Netherlands’ Act, Jeangu Macrooy

As we move into the new year and national selection programmes are firing up, internal selections are being announced, and Eurofans’ excitement is ramping up, it’s hard to keep on top of all the news. This however, was a hard one to miss with Jeangu Macrooy being internally selected as the host nation’s Eurovision representative.

Born in 1993 in Suriname, Jeangu moved to The Netherlands in 2014 to continue his studies at ArtEZ Conservatory. In 2015 he was signed to Unexpected Records which lead to the release of his debut EP Brave Enough the following year. He has subsequently become a regular at large Dutch music events, with his album High On You hitting #69 in the nation’s charts. Jeangu released his 2019 follow-up Horizon was released last February. The singer also hit the top spot in the Suriname charts with the single High On You.

We’ve included some examples of Jeangu’s soulful tracks below. His entry will be released in due course.