Eurovision 2020: Meet Georgia’s Act, Tornike Kipiani

Georgia select their Eurovision entry through the Idol format – yes, it’s still going strong overseas when our UK series was swapped for now dwindling The X Factor format – and the winner of their 2019 series was Tornike Kipiani. The singer won with 33.82% of the vote, narrowly beating runner-up Barbara (presumably not Streisand) who achieved 31.18% of the vote.

Tornike actually also proved successful in another TV format, winning the 2014 edition of The X Factor Georgia. He competed to represent Georgia at Eurovision in 2017 with the track You Are My Sunshine – which was ultimately never selected.

The 32 year old has flirted with a couple of genres, with You Are My Sunshine loosely falling into the category of pop, but his vocals are unmistakably rock-orientated. His performances on The X Factor and Georgian Idol were focussed more on the latter, some of which you can listen to below. Let’s just try and put it politely and say we don’t think Tornike is our cup of tea.