Shameless Idol Worship: AJ and the Queen’s Josh Segarra

We’ve been bingeing RuPaul’s new high camp television series AJ and the Queen and oh my god can we talk about the revelation that is Josh Segarra. The Florida born actor is currently starring alongside Tia Carrere as one of the main antagonists – the calculated Hector who cons drag queen Ruby Red out of $100k.

Segarra has been working steadily since the mid-noughties, but we most likely be known to audiences for his roles in Chicago P.D., 2018’s Overboard remake, Orange is the New Black, and Arrow. However, Segarra should be most proud of his most recent work, the role of Hector allowing him to play with concepts of sexuality and fragile masculine identity – all while having a very over the top, high camp gay ol’ time.

Segarra recently fronted Get Out Magazine, so we’ve included the photos, because we don’t exactly need an excuse to look at him.

Photo Credit Nathan Johnson

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