Fashion: Versace’s New Romance Novel Inspired Campaign ‘Holiday Saga’ is Camp Heaven

Whilst we don’t normally cover fashion on the blog, but we do adore a classic Jackie Collins, Jilly Cooper or Barbara Cartland inspired romance novel. The work of Collins in particular would go on to influence the world of film, fashion, art and music with its no holds barred celebration of gaudy excess and decadence. Smotherings of camp, glamour and scandal filled the late icon, Jackie Collins’ novels, making for some hugely enjoyable reading. It is with absolute delight that we see the work of Collins and her colleagues in the field of romance novels have inspired Versace’s new Holiday Saga campaign videos. Check out the official synopsis for the videos:

The short film that accompanies Versace’s Holiday Saga depicts a snapshot of the book’s six-chapter narrative. The tale’s protagonists Angelina and the Baroness – played by multimedia artist Sarah Baker and supermodel Helena Christensen – find themselves in a riotous whirl of Versace style, rosé champagne, scandalous associations and empowering sisterhood. The saga begins when Angelina, the founder and CEO of Narcissist Records, receives a blackmail note from an unknown source. Unsure who she can trust and determined to protect her burgeoning empire, she seeks answers from the Baroness. Together they discover that Angelo, Angelina’s former lover, is behind the threat to Angelina – he must be stopped, and the Baroness is never without a plan. #VersaceHolidaySaga

With Helena Christensen fronting the campaign, eighties style aesthetics, synth music, and art nouveau decor, The Versace Holiday Saga is a mouth watering delight. The project is a collaboration between Versace, multimedia artist Sarah Baker, and London based publication Baroness. Watch the videos released so far and check our Versace’s Holiday Saga gift ideas. You can also pre-order Sarah Baker’s Baroness here.