Music: Sergey Lazarev Unveils New LP ‘Eto ya’ (‘This Is Me’)

Russian Eurovision heartthrob Sergey Lazarev has unleashed his latest Russian language album upon the world this weekend. The release, titled Eto ya (or in English, This Is Me) sees the singer tackle eleven pop tracks blending the singer’s synth-influenced mid and uptempos with a few dramatic ballads.

The singer also features Bonni i Klaid (Bonnie and Clyde), the uptempo lead single from the album which debuted last month. Check out the full tracklist below:

Eto ya Tracklist
1Eti chuvstva – voda3:11
3Holodny noyabr3:30
4Eto ya3:55
5Sneg v okeane3:46
7Bonni i Klaid3:26
9Kto ya tebe?3:46
10Moe prodolzhenie (synu)3:31
11Tak krasivo (Orchestral version)3:56

As English speaking Sergey fans, we hope the singer does release an English version of the album – similar to what he did with his album V Epitsentrein 2017, which Sergey released as The One in English a few months after. In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy the Russian language tracks and not worry too much about what they mean.

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