Music: Markus Riva Debuts New Album ‘Laika Upe’

Undoubtedly one of the biggest Eurovision injustices is the failure for Markus Riva to win the Latvian selection process. Whilst we have no doubts that Markus’s time will eventually come (2020 please), the singer and television host has kept fans appetites satisfied with new album Laika Upe.

The handsome star released the seven song album today (which you can preview below). We’ve also attached the full tracklist and a lovely gallery featuring some of Markus’s most eye catching moments.

You could also do far worse things than check out the singer’s English language releases – including his Eurovision attempts – and his albums I Can and MR.

Laika Upe
1Laika Upe3:36
2Melns Vai Balts3:02
3Nevaru Tā3:25
4Apskauj Mani Vēl3:25
5Kamēr Vien Mēs Esam3:26
6Tev Tuvumā3:11
7Man Pietrūkst3:38

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