Featured Post: ‘Turn the Lights Back on For Syria’ Campaign #WithSyria

It’s time to get serious for a little while. It’s four years since recent conflict in Syria began and recent satellite images over the nation have shown that the number of lights over the city has fallen by 83% since March 2011. With this comes a loss of hope – as streets, hospitals, schools and homes are plunged into darkness. However, the #withSyria coalition seeks to ‘turn the lights back on in Syria’. 

In order to raise awareness of this issue, BAFTA award winning agency Don’t Panic and their production partners UNIT9 have crafted a short video capturing the struggles of life in this darkness. The video, Afraid of the Dark, does a powerful job at putting a human face on life in this darkness as the film’s protagonist struggles with life in these conditions over a four year period

The #withSyria coalition today hopes to ‘turn the lights back on in Syria’ by ensuring world leaders: prioritise a political solution centred on human rights, boost the humanitarian response to Syrian refugees, and by insisting all parties put an end to attacks and the blocking of aid. 
You can sign the petition to ‘turn the lights back on in Syria’ and find out more about #withSyria here . Check out the video below and please share on your social channels.  

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