Music: Daphne Guinness Prepares ‘Optimist in Black’ Album Release

The Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness drops the formalities for her debut album release, Optimist in Black, simply opting for Daphne Guinness. The artist, model, fashion icon, poet and musician will be dropping her upcoming LP May 2th.

The past months have seen Daphne release videos for the two the upcoming album tracks, The Long Now and Marionette, both of which are available now, prior to the album’s full release. For the set she teams up with iconic producer Tony Visconti whose recent successes include David Bowie’s Blackstar and Marc Almond’s The Dancing Marquis. Check out the full tracklist below: 

1 Take Out What Didn’t Happen
2 Fatal Flaw
3 Make Up
4 Hitch Hiking
5 Marionettes
6 Subtle Hand of Fate
7 Optimist In Black
8 Magic Tea
9 Joke
10 The Long Now
11 Old School
12 Evening In Space
13 No Nirvana of Cooldom
14 No Armaggedon

Optimist in Black is available on CD, vinyl and via download from May 27th. Hear The Long Now and Marionette below.

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