Enrique Iglesias and Miranda Lambert Drop Surprising Collab ‘Space In My Heart’

Lead photo: ALAN SILFEN

File this one under expected, Latin pop heartthrob Enrique Iglesias releases a new English language number with country queen Miranda Lambert. The track, Space In My Heart, will feature on Enrique’s final studio album FINAL VOL. 2. which arrives March 29th.

The number, Enrique’s first foray into the country world, marks one of three English language tracks set to feature on the predominantly Spanish language studio album. Whilst Enrique has noted this is set to be his final studio album, the star will continue to tour and currently tours with Ricky Martin and Pitbull across the US.

Space In My Heart is written by Carlos Paucar, Enrique, Nolan Lambroza, Ross Golan and Simon Wilcox. The number is produced by Carlos Paucar and country-pop maestro Mark Taylor. The number is an English language version of previous Latin hit Espacio en tu Corazón.

See the tracklist for Final Vol. 2 below.

  1. Así Es La Vida – Enrique / Maria Becerra
  2. Fría – Enrique / Yotuel
  3. Space In My Heart – Enrique / Miranda Lambert
  4. La Botella – Enrique El Alfa
  5. Love and Pain
  6. Me Voy Acostumbrando
  7. Como Yo
  8. Llorame Un Río – Enrique / Belinda
  9. Be Together
  10. Espacio En Tu Corazón

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