NINA and Ricky Wilde Unveil ‘Remixed Hearts’ – Stacked Version of ‘Scala Hearts’ Album

NINA and Ricky Wilde delivered a synthpop triumph with their Scala Hearts collaborative album featuring gems such as LA Dreamers and Videotheque. The album was a treat for fans of both artists, brimming with impressive pop tunes and intoxicating productions.

The album gets a further lease of life thanks to nineteen remixes that come as part of the pair’s Remixed Hearts album which you can stream above. With remixing talents including Steve Anderson, Initial Talk, L’Avenue and Radio Wolf, these fresh interpretations shine a new perspective on NINA and Ricky’s compositions.

See the tracklist below. You can purchase the new remix album from Bandcamp.

1.Living in Sin (Ricky Wilde Remix) 05:31
2.Lovers on a Beach (Steve Anderson Remix) 06:36
3.Videotheque (Project K Remix) 07:06
4.Causeway (TLF Remix) 02:34
5.LA Dreamers (Initial Talk Remix) 04:12
6.Fade Me Out (Oscillian Remix) 05:50
7.Causeway (Slackmachine Remix) 04:03
8.Videotheque (Dakeyne Dub Remix) 05:02
9.Gold Heart (Electric Penguins Remix) 03:56
10.Causeway (Rayne Reznor Remix) 03:47
11.Living in Sin (Brigitte Bardini Remix) 05:08
12.Night and Day (Parallels Remix) 04:16
13.Fade Me Out (L’Avenue Remix) 04:03
14.Causeway (Bearly Disco Remix) 03:13
15.LA Dreamers (W O L F C L U B Remix) 03:10
16.Lovers on a Beach (Makeup And Vanity Set Remix) 05:00
17.Causeway (Chrisarama Remix) 03:38
18.Fighter (PYN Remix) 03:27
19.Causeway (Radio Wolf Remix) 04:27

Album Cover and Press Photos by Say Goodnight Films

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