Francesca e Luigi Deliver Eurodisco Magic on ‘Are You Lonely?’, Release New CD ‘Pop Pain Pleasure’

Francesca e Luigi (Jessica Brannefors and Martin Permer) keep the spirit of Italo-Disco alive and thriving with their latest number Are You Lonely? The track comes from their new album Pop Pain Pleasure which refreshingly arrives as a CD-only release, fittingly retro!

Luigi explains a little behind the decision to not release the album digitally: “We have lost the opportunity to discover what takes a little time to discover. We are constantly fed with short singles designed to grab us instantly. That’s why we release a CD with 11 songs, to experience from start to finish, to let you go through all phases of music listening. From immediate favorites to the songs that grow and then never leave you. Slow food for the digital age. Listen like it’s 1996”

The duo, who release through Swedish label PBH Media, have previously delighted with their love-letters to classic Hi-NRG, Eurodisco, and Italo-Disco which can be enjoyed on their releases including Losing My Heart and Dirty Disco. Pairing impeccable vocals and sharp nostalgic production, a sample of the full album can be heard on the thrillingly intoxicating Are You Lonely? The number is written and produced by Martin Permer with vocals from Jessica Brannefors. The release is mastered by Hans Olsson. See the full tracklist below.

1. Are You Lonely? (3:40)
2. Forget About The Past (3:17)
3. You Were Not Really Amazing (3:14)
4. Brand New Start (3:27)
5. Paralyze And Trick Your Wife (3:09)
6. Make Me Sad (3:16)
7. Painting A View (3:30)
8. Just A Kiss Just A Bite (3:39)
9. Never (3:17)
10. Magic Touch (3:08)
11. Let Me Be Your Final Choice (4:00)

Connect with Francesca e Luigi below. Order Pop Pain Pleasure here.

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