Photo: Guy Aroch (Courtesy of Big Hassle Media)

Kate Hudson Unleashes ‘Delicious’ and ‘Sexy’ Debut Single ‘Talk About Love’

 Photo: Guy Aroch (Courtesy of Big Hassle Media)

She gave us mega-pop banger Cinema Italiano from the Nine soundtrack, showcasing her mighty vocal chops, now Kate Hudson turns attention to her own original music. The star has long-teased her debut album, and whilst details on the LP are kept mum, its arrival does seem closer as Kate unveils her debut single Talk About Love.

Kate shared: “It’s like the shadow self, those things you don’t see, but are always with you and a part of you. I have always had a room for my piano ever since I began living on my own. I’ve been caught up writing and witnessing life in songs since I was a child. But it always comes down to the moment, and the ability to make sure you can be there for the music. Finally, for me, that time is now.”

Talk About Love is a bouncy, up-tempo pop number with a slight country streak. Kate’s powerful vocals are on display, whilst the lyrics float with catchy hooks from the star and co-writers Daniel Fujikawa and Linda Perry. Fujikawa and Johan Carlsson produce the track which is hopefully the taste of more music from the Glass Onion actress.

The star expands: “You only have one first single and I wanted it to be something delicious and sexy and all the things that I believe in. I wanted it to be open and seeking, searching to find something powerful. But I also wanted the music to be the rock, the pop, the dance music and even a bit of the alternative records I love. It was a lot to put into one song, but thankfully, I had some wonderful people working with me. And so, here we are!”

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