Pop Queens Bananarama Deliver Celestial Pop Smash ‘Supernova’ Ahead of ‘Glorious’ Collection

Image credit: Mark Mattock

Bananarama legends Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin deliver Supernova, an intergalactic pop triumph that helps spearhead their upcoming new greatest hits collection Glorious – The Ultimate Collection. The set also contains new number Feel the Love, which the pop duo released when the project was announced.

Keren Woodward says, “‘Supernova’ makes me want to throw my hands up and dance! Both of these new tracks share the euphoric feeling that we’ve been doing this for 40 years and we’re lucky to do what we do.”

Supernova presents the best of modern Bananarama, showcasing the vibrant electropop sound that the duo do so well. The ladies collaborate with regular creative partner Ian Masterson who co-writes and produces the latest cut. Masterson also helped helm the duo’s latest studio album Masquerade which hit #6 in the Scottish album charts, an impressive statement of the ladies enduring appeal in the UK and Europe.

Glorious arrives March 8th. Pre-order here.

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