AJ Mitchell Debuts New Single ‘Passionate’, Reveals Album ‘As Far As The Eye Can See’ For 2024

AJ Mitchell drops new single Passionate, a slick electronic R&B flavoured pop cut which he co-writes with Daniel Hackett, with production from Kid Culture. It’s a welcome return for AJ, who also drops the news of his upcoming second album As Far As The Eye Can See, due for release early 2024.

AJ Mitchell shares: “The past two years I took myself on a journey to find the fire in life again. I explored the world, moved to New York City, fell in and out of love, made decisions simply for the pleasure of tasting life and all it has to offer, for better or worse. It was important to me to rediscover my passion for my music and for what I wanted to express as an artist. ‘Passionate’ is the perfect introduction to my new album and the next stage of my music because it was one of the first songs on this project my producer and I wrote to jump start the entire thing. I am truly proud of this song and excited to share it with my fans.”

On his upcoming album As Far As The Eye Can See, AJ shares:  “With this album, I wanted to go ‘as far as the eye can see,’ where there’s nothing blocking my vision, where I’m free to create,” he explains. The album is said to feature electro-pop and soul sounds. The LP was written when AJ was dating a girl he knew wasn’t right for him but couldn’t resist. Their doomed romance opened him up to the central themes of his new album: experiencing things that might hurt us and exploring life regardless of the outcome, doing what feels right, and not giving a fuck. 

AJ adds: “With this album, the goal was to explore, to have a good time, and make the best music possible. I think that’s why I love music so much. It can start with anything. I can create whatever world I want and just start exploring it.”

The album will follow his stellar debut Skyview which was released in 2021.

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