Ukraine’s Will Armex Releases Romantic Dedication ‘You Are Beautiful’

Accompanied by poignant romantic footage, Ukrainian singer and producer Will Armex releases You Are Beautiful, his new single which he dedicates to his wife. Will writes and performs the track which he co-produces with Grachov Sergiy.

Will accompanies the single with a note in this press release: “The warm atmosphere and genuine love are not only evident in this work but also conveyed as a message to everyone who may feel insecure — regardless of the colour of your skin, nationality, faith, or orientation, all people are beautiful.” Will adds: “We should cherish our loved ones and make them even more beautiful every day. You Are Beautiful” is all you need to know!

The track follows Will’s previous releases of 2023: Move and Dance, Hands Away, Love is Over and Lika Style. Connect with him here.

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