Elevator Boys Showcase Incredible Pop Promise On Debut Single Release ‘Runaway’

We won’t lie, we missed this banger when it was released this Summer, but couldn’t resist sharing now. German social media stars Elevator Boys made up of Tim Schaecker, Julien Brown, Jacob Rott, Bene Schulz, and Luis Freitag have showcased their musical talents on summer pop anthem Runaway. The number showcases the five-piece as a musical force to be reckoned with and definitely a pop act that shines with an astounding promise.

“People always called us the boyband that doesn’t sing. So, back in November, we decided to go into the studio in Los Angeles to write and produce some songs, just for the fun of it,” says Jacob. “Runaway is basically about being with ‘that special’ person who makes you forget the world around you for a bit,” explains Tim.

“We hope that it hits deeply and resonates with people on an emotive level.” adds Luis. “It’s a cheerful song for the summer, and we hope that people will enjoy it just as much as we do,” says Bene. “It’s our highest priority now to find our own voice within a new industry, and we hope you love it”, said Julien.

Runaway is written by Bene Schulz, Julien Brown, Jacob Rott, Luis Freitag, Tim Schaecker and Nathanaele Koll. The number features impeccable production from Jurij Gold, Tim Holtz, Liam Mour and Nikodem Milewski.

Hitting 700k views on the official music video directed by Jojo Kapol and Michael Späth, whilst achieving near 2.5 million streams on Spotify, the success of Runaway hopefully signals more music to come from the pop hunks.

Stream above.

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