Army Of Lovers Are Back! Swedish Pop Icons Deliver ‘Love Is Blue’ With Ukrainian Star Olga Polyakova, Announce ‘Sexodus’ Album

File this one under delightfully unexpected. Swedish pop icons Army of Lovers made up of Alexander Bard, Jean-Pierre Barda and Dominika Peczynski deliver their first new music since 2013. The high camp pop talents return with new single Love Is Blue featuring guest vocals from Ukrainian talent Olga Polyakova, whilst also announcing full-length album Sexodus will arrive November 24th.

Love Is Blue sees the band return to their signature sound of elegant high energy dance pop, whilst the vocals of Olga compliment the band’s sound beautifully. The single is a triumph that captures the passionate camp of that Army of Lovers create like no one else.

The pop trio will release a new single from the album each Friday in the seven weeks leading up the album’s release. It’s unclear as to whether there will be more than seven tracks on the LP, but details are expected to be revealed soon.

Army of Lovers were staples across the pop scene throughout the late-eighties and nineties, dropping albums Disco Extravaganza, Massive Luxury Overdose, The Gods of Earth and Heaven, and Glory, Glamour and Gold. Hit singles Crucified, Israelism and Give My Life would go on to become cult favourites across Europe, with the band being a favourite of UK late night tv spectacle Eurotrash. Disbanding in the mid-nineties, Bard would go on to form groups Vacuum, BWO and Gravitonas.

Army of Lovers would reform at various points, most notably returning to Swedish Eurovision national final Melodifestivalen with former band-member Camilla Henemark. The group would release new music including Rockin’ the Ride and compilation album Big Battle of Egos. Camilla Henemark and Michaela de la Cour are currently not part of the band’s line-up.

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