Matthieu McReina Delivers Woozy Imagery-Packed Pop Number ‘Into the Dawn’

Emerging pop talent Matthieu McReina returns with the follow-up to his stunning Pale Moon Rising, a sonic feast which he calls Into the Dawn. The independent pop talent delivers absorbing vocals against a slinking mid-tempo production backdrop.

Collaborating with Casey Sullivan, Iurii Buzynnik, Matthew Hernandez and Niki Black, Into the Dawn sees Matthieu deliver relaxed, uplifting vibes as he croons the number’s love-soaked lyrics whilst supported by charming backing vocals.

Matthieu accompanies the number with some striking mythological inspired artwork, which sees the performer take on a Zeus like persona for the magnetic cover art.

Into the Dawn adds to the handsome creative’s ever-growing discography which includes previous singles Pale Moon Rising, DreamsDon’t Let It Break and Where Do You Find Love?

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