Scottish Country Talent Callum Kerr Releases Rousing Sophomore Single ‘More Tennessee’

Edinburgh-hailing country talent Callum Kerr releases his hotly anticipated second single More Tennessee this week. The actor and musician has been crafting tunes in Nashville in recent months with two further singles expected in the coming weeks.

More Tennessee sees Callum co-write with Christopher Andreucci, with Kyle Henderson stepping in to produce. The track is a rousing country number tapping into themes of heartbreak reflecting on being left for someone who is a little more Tennessee.

Callum first showcased his country chops on the impressive Tequila Therapy earlier this year, which we said “…packs a classic country melody, brimming with warming guitars, nostalgic lyrics about heartbreak healed by a bottle from the top shelf, and charm-filled vocals.”

You can pre-save Callum’s next tracks Me and Who? and Gone Again now.

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