Paul Morris Releases High Energy Pop Anthem ‘Really Wanna Get To Know Ya’

Venezuelan singer-songwriter Paul Morris has gone on to call The Netherlands home and the star releases his brand new single Really Wanna Get To Know Ya in time for Amsterdam Pride. This is a real bonus considering Paul recently just dropped his take on Loreen’s Eurovision winning anthems Euphoria and Tattoo (If you’re reading Dutch Eurovision team – you know what to do!).

Paul shared a little about Really Wanna Get To Know Ya: “It’s a song about an overwhelming curiosity to get to know someone you just had an AMAZING click with! Inspired by true events, I hope you sing to it, dance to it, and maybe even send it to your crush.” He adds: “If you enjoy the song, please help me by liking it, saving it in your favorite playlists and sharing it with your friends, fam, crushes, lovers, one-night-stands, you choose!”

Paul co-writes the track with Robert D. Fischer, Rens Koppe and Tjeerd Van Zanen. The latter two also produce the track. On the number, Paul’s charisma and star quality shine through, as well as smooth emotive vocals which dance atop the up-tempo, joyous production. The track follows Paul’s previous Pride anthem Hide My Love.

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