Stephen Sanchez Announces Debut Studio Album ‘Angel Face’, Readies Single ‘Be More’

US singer-songwriter Stephen Sanchez announces the details of his upcoming debut album Angel Face, which arrives September 22nd through Mercury Records. Some of the tracks will be familiar to fans of the Nashville based star, who has previously released singles Evangeline, Until I Found You and Only Girl. The announcement comes prior to the release of Sanchez’s upcoming single Be More.

The up and coming pop heartthrob found huge success with 700+ million streams on Until I Found You. Sanchez performed the song with piano accompaniment from Sir Elton John at Glastonbury, earlier this summer.

Sanchez has proved a hit thanks to his retro-stylings and the classic appeal to his tracks which harken back to fifties and sixties pop standards. His charisma, good looks and impressive vocals have seen the star develop crossover appeal across the genres of pop, singer-songwriter, jazz and country.

Sanchez will be hitting the road across the US later this year. Hopefully we’ll get some UK and Europe dates throughout 2024.

See the tracklist below:

  1. Something About Her
  2. Evangeline
  3. I Need You Most of All
  4. Only Girl
  5. Be More
  6. Until I Found You
  7. Shake
  8. High
  9. Doesn’t Do Me Any Good
  10. No One Knows (With Laufey)
  11. Caught in Blue
  12. Death of a Troubadour
  13. Send My Heart With a Kiss

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