Ukrainian Pop Queen Kamaliya Delivers Barbie Inspired Dance Anthem ‘Time Out’

Our love for Ukrainian pop queen Kamaliya cannot be understated after the star entranced us on her UK tour with Steps back in 2012. Kamaliya now returns with a new English language single and video, one that she hoped could have been part of the Barbie soundtrack. The track in question is Time Out, a scintillating electronic pop feast that captures Kamaliya’s charisma and musical prowess.

A press release notes: “The genesis of “Time Out” dates back a couple of years ago when Kamaliya discovered that a Barbie movie was in the works. Fueled by inspiration, she crafted the song with unwavering passion and a vision to make it the official soundtrack for the highly-anticipated Barbie movie. The song was thoughtfully submitted to director Greta Gerwig and Warner Brothers, aiming to contribute to the movie’s captivating narrative.”

It continues: “While “Time Out” may not have been chosen as the official Barbie movie soundtrack, Kamaliya’s devotion to her craft remains unwavering. With humility and grace, she proudly offers “Time Out” as the unofficial anthem for the cherished Barbie movie. The song’s inherent charm and charisma align seamlessly with the movie’s spirit, making it a harmonious addition to the magic of Barbie’s world. Reflecting on the choice of another artist for the movie’s official soundtrack, Kamaliya remains positive and grateful for the recognition her music has garnered.”

Connect with Kamaliya below.

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