The Jonas Brothers Collaborate With Korean Stars Tomorrow X Together For ‘Do It Like That’

The Jonas Brothers shift focus from The Album to a new collaboration with South Korean pop outfit Tomorrow X Together, Do It Like That. Collaborating with regular producer Ryan Tedder, the new number features the smooth vocals of Nick and Joe as they croon: “Oh my God, don’t know how you do it like that,” on the chorus, “Blow my mind, but somehow you bring it right back,” combined with the sound of the fast-rising K-Pop talents.

Do It Like That precedes Tomorrow X Together’s upcoming Japanese album, Sweet. The record will be the boyband’s second full-length release in the language and follows 2021’s Still Dreaming. The Jonas Brothers are still celebrating their recent The Album which has spawned singles including Waffle House and Wings.

Do It Like That comes with its own music video seeing the American pop heartthrobs dancing some slick choreography, with Tomorrow X Together showcasing their own skills.

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