Interview: Get To Know Fast Rising Music Talent Leonardo Davi

We had the pleasure of chatting to fast rising musical talent Leonardo Davi, an artist who has been compared to the Latin world’s Shawn Mendes. Leonardo is based in Vienna but was born in Brazil. He has been quick to build up his musical profile with his standout tracks Meant To Be, Coldplay Song and Take Me Home. Leonardo releases his new single Esta Noche on Friday, with more music planned for later in the year.

Leonardo chatted about his musical influences, building his musical profile and what we can look forward to later in the year.

Hey Leonardo, thanks for chatting. I’d love to start by finding out a little about your background. How did you discover your passion for music and who were your early musical influences?

I discovered music when I was 3. My uncle used to listen to Bon Jovi, U2, INXS, A-ha. My love for music started there and then when I was 10 started to sing high school musical karaoke on Playstation. I watched Camp Rock on the Disney channel and my sister told me by then that I could sing. One Direction, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes… they were my favourites since the beginning and always saw myself doing what they‘ve done as young boys.

Can you tell me a little bit about some of your releases so far? Are there any particularly special ones that would you recommend listeners dive into? 

I‘ll be releasing a song in September called How Could You and that‘s my favourite song by far. The songs that I have already released…hmmm Breathe is a strong number. Other songs include Take Me Home, Meant To Be and Coldplay Song.

Your new single Esta Noche is coming out soon. Can you tell me a little about what we can expect from that?

It‘s a song about people who change after drinking alcohol, they‘re suddenly funny, confident, sometimes stupid but in a cool way. They‘re actually shy on the inside but after some shots… the night is looong! It‘s more of a vacation song, where you go to another country and you can‘t speak the language so you try to interact in many ways! I think everyone could relate to it.

Thinking of all the factors that go into releasing music: the writing, recording, mixing, music videos, cover art and social media promotion etc, what are your favourite and least favourite parts? 

My favourite part is the recording and songwriting. I’m not the best at the promotional side of things at all! Haha 

Are you thinking of dropping an album or EP in the future? Or do you prefer the standalone single approach?

Single approach right now. It’s too soon for an album or EP. I want to concentrate on building a larger fanbase first.

Have you had the chance to travel with your music? Are there any destinations that have special memories to you?

Not yet. Wish I could! Maybe in the future.

Who is currently inspiring you creatively?

Definitely Lewis Capaldi!

What are your goals regarding your music career within the next few years?

Bring comfort to people while they‘re listening to it. That‘s my goal. If you’re sad, I have a song. If you’re happy, I have a song.

As a website centred on all sorts of pop culture, I’d love to know the films and television shows you are currently enjoying.

Just finished How I Met Your Mother and my favourites are Breaking Bad and Peaky Blinders.

Thanks for chatting! Any closing words you’d like to pass on?

Be ready for new music, this Winter I’m going to bring out many sad songs and I can‘t wait for it. Be sure to also check out my Instagram and TikTok profiles.

Instagram: @leonardodaviofficial      TikTok: @leonardodaviii

Thank you!

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