Supermodel of the World Janice Dickinson Releases Irresistible New Dance Track ‘Floor’

Janice Dickinson turning into a pop diva wasn’t on our predictions for 2023, but the iconic supermodel is now onto her third single. The latest cut is Floor which Janice co-writes with Gannon Johnson, with the track produced by Chris Scott, Ricky Stokes, Kazual Fitzgerald and Chad Dutton, and is a seductive dancefloor jam brimming with vocoded vocals and silky disco grooves. Janice is pop diva that we have needed in our lives for so long!

Janice has already released fellow bops I Coined It and Get Into It and Floor fits the upbeat, sexy contemporary disco vibes of the previous singles. Janice purrs “I need to get myself some satisfaction…” against a sultry beat.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be first in the queue for Janice’s debut album which is apparently coming soon.

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