Corsican Star Yoann Casanova Releases Trio of New Tracks ‘Nirvana’, ‘Monde Flou’ & ‘Chavirer’

Yoann Casanova is truly spoiling us this weekend, not only with the release of one new track, but three. The star who was cemented in our hearts after his single Tutti competed in C’est vous qui décidez as a competitor in France’s 2021 Eurovision Song Contest selection, has gone on to continue to impress with his subsequent work. Fresh tracks Nirvana, Monde Flou and Chavirer are stellar examples of his musical finesse and artistry.

Nirvana is a dramatic slice of pop which transcends through Casanova’s silky passionate vocals, whilst Monde Flou’s anthemic building percussion helps it shine as a rousing contemporary slice of French powerhouse music. Chavirer plays with more R&B flavours thanks to some added strings paired with electronic beats

The handsome Corsican musician also delights with a music video celebrating his trifecta of new tracks.

Connect with Yoann here.

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