Marco Mengoni Drops New Album ‘Materia (Prisma)’, Releases ‘Pazza Musica’ Video With Elodie

Italian pop heartthrob Marco Mengoni added to his legions of fans with his sublime performance of Due Vite at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, many of whom will be delighted by his freshly released album Materia (Prisma).

Marco completes his Materia trilogy which included albums Materia (Terra) and Materia (Pella), with the new LP seeing him collaborate with many of the producers of the first two parts. Among the high profile releases from the album are poignant ballad Due Vite, as well freshly released new single Pazza Musica with Elodie. The latter is a Summer party anthem brimming with high energy sax and attitude packed vocals from the Italian musicians.

The full tracklist for Materia (Prisma) can be seen below. The deluxe version includes Marco’s version of Let It Be. The singer will be touring the album across Europe, dates can be seen on the below poster.

  1. Due Vite (Prod. E.D.D., Simonetta)
  2. Fiori D’orgoglio (Prod. E.D.D., Marz, Zef)
  3. Pazza Musica (Prod. E.D.D., Simonetta, Zef)
  4. Incenso (Prod. E.D.D., Estremo, F. Fugazza, P. Pasini)
  5. Un’Altra Storia (Prod. E.D.D., Katoo, B. Ventura)
  6. Appunto 5: Non Sono Questo (Prod. E.D.D., Eshla, F. Fugazza)
  7. In Tempo (Prod. Crookers, FLIM)
  8. The Damned Of The Heart (Prod. Clap! Clap!, FLIM)
  9. Lasciami Indietro (Prod. M. Colagiovanni, E.D.D., MDM)
  10. Due Nuvole (Prod. E.D.D., F. Nardelli)
  11. Fiori D’Orgoglio (Prod. E.D.D., Marz, Zef)

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