The Netherlands’ Eurovision Hopefuls Dion Cooper & Mia Nicolai Drop Passionate Entry ‘Burning Daylight’

Described as ‘an ode to life’s falling and getting up again’, Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper, who represent The Netherlands at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, release their entry Burning Daylight. The duet sees Mia and Dion join forces with a crack writing time composed of 2019 Eurovision champion Duncan Laurence, Jordan Garfield and Loek van der Grinten. 

Burning Daylight is an elegant yet powerful piano-driven number that impresses with the vocal strength of Mia and Dion, as well as the personal touching story of resilience and bouncing back at the heart of the tale. The performers pack an admirable heart into the tale which shimmers in the emotive chorus.

Mia and Dion share: “As humans, we all have our unique problems and challenges, many of which are universal: a relationship ending, losing a loved one, being stuck in the wrong job, stress, or simply feeling a bit messed up. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a dead-end street and days drift by without purpose. But it’s precisely when the old ways aren’t working and your back’s to the wall that you have that opportunity for growth, for something new. Say goodbye to that old life in which you don’t feel so great anyway – Goodbye, old life.

The Netherlands reconfigured themselves as premiere Eurovision contenders in recent years after a string of successful acts including The Common Linnets, Douwe Bob, OG3NE and, of course, Duncan Laurence.

Connect with Dion and Mia here.

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