Ukrainian Artist DEMCHUK Presents Powerful New Single ‘2402’ Marking a Year Since Russia’s Invasion

We were introduced to Ukrainian musician DEMCHUK through Vidbir 2023 where the star was vying to represent his home nation of Ukraine at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest with his single Alive. The star continues to push on with new music, with latest track 2402 marking a year since Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

A press release shares: “24.02.2023 marks 1 year of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and this is what the new song and music video “2402” is dedicated to. A Ukrainian singer, presents a song Worldwide about how it all began, about the pain and fear of every Ukrainian, about the experiences and hope for victory! This song is like a hymn to the anniversary of the war in Ukraine. Love, war, hope!”

DEMCHUK sings in English, “Even if the nights are cold and dark We know that we Fight for what is Right I want you to never see again The days like these, yeah!” aspiring to better days for his home nation. The track is delivered with powerful emotional conviction from the musician, whilst accompanied by emotive visuals of the destruction caused by the invasion.

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