Shania Twain Drops Jubilant Country-Pop Dancefloor Anthem ‘Giddy Up!’

Shania Twain has steadily been teasing tracks from her upcoming Queen of Me album, which is due little under a month away on February 3rd. The latest of the pre-release tracks in Giddy Up! a barnstorming country-pop number that Shania does so well.

Shania co-writes Giddy Up! with David Stewart, Jessica Agombar, and RØMANS with Stewart producing. Brimming with upbeat lyrics, Shania purrs “Easy come, easy go / I got a fast car with the ’90s on / Not a soul on the road, but the road is home…” on the number that celebrates carefree travelling and partying.

Shania has already dropped cuts including Waking Up Dreaming, Last Day of Summer, and Not Just a Girl.

Check the full tracklist for Queen of Me:

1. Giddy Up!
2. Brand New
3. Waking Up Dreaming
4. BEST Friend
5. Pretty Liar
6. Inhale/Exhale AIR
7. Last Day of Summer
8. Queen of Me
9. Got It Good
10. Number One
11. Not Just A Girl
12. The Hardest Stone

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