Ukrainian Eurovision Hopeful DEMCHUK Releases Emotional Vidbir Entry ‘Alive’

In another strong year for Ukraine’s Eurovision Song Contest selection programme Vidbir with a number of impressive entries. A standout for us is DEMCHUK’s entry Alive – the English language track is composed by Nazar Tumanik and Tomash Lukach who also co-write alongside Vasyl Demchuk and Evgeniy Bardachenko.

The handsome performer receives over 100,000 Spotify listeners a month and is likely to be one of the highlights of the Vidbir final on the 17th of December. Opening with gentle guitar instrumentation, DEMCHUK’s charismatic vocals shine on the emotive romantic pop track. The singer showcases an impressive vocal range throughout the song which builds to a dramatic crescendo.

DEMCHUK has previously only released in Ukrainian and it is refreshing to hear him sing in the English language. We hope that DEMCHUK will continue to explore releasing in English after Alive.

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