Darin Delivers Once Again With Synthpop Gem ‘What’s the Point?’ For ‘Så mycket bättre’

We are currently still obsessing over Darin’s Satisfaction which continues his stellar run of hit singles thanks to its sexy imagery, classic funk influence, and Darin’s vocal charisma. The Swedish pop superstar keeps us fed with a further release, courtesy of his appearance on popular music entertainment show Så mycket bättre.

Darin first participated in the show in 2012, but makes his return ten years later, delivering a barnstorming version of Johnossi’s What’s The Point. It is fabulous high energy banger that Darin delivers with an impressive gusto with the track shining as a comfortable addition to his every expanding back catalogue.

The original track is written by John Engelbert and Oskar Bonde of the band Johnossi, with Darin’s version featuring production from Mona Khoshi.

We are loving this abundance of new music from Darin. Connect with him on Instagram.

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