Icelandic Eurovision Favourites Systur Drop English Language Single ‘Dusty Road’

Systur stormed onto the international music scene after serving as Iceland’s 2022 Eurovision Song Contest entry. They now return with a slice of English-language country music in Dusty Road penned by Elin Ey and Songorleifur Gaukur and boasting Systur’s delicately heartfelt emotional vocal delivery alongside absorbing guitar melodies and harmonica.

The Icelandic trio share: “The magic happened when Gaukur showed up, we played the melody for him and the skeleton to the verse immediately came from him. Then we sat over this for a while and ended up somewhere in elevation and a whole different concert genre at the end of the song.” The group share how enjoyable the process was behind the song: “Without a doubt one of the most rewarding co-write that I (Elín) have experienced. Gaukur is of course the best. The text is a little heavy and sad but at the same time there is a lot of hope in all of this. Just like the life.“

Systur have just finished a tour of their native Iceland. Hopefully some international dates and further new music will follow for these quickly rising musical talents.

Connect with Systur here.

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