Rising Talent Marque Drops Slinky Romantic ‘With You’

We’ve featured the music of one to watch Marque over the years on the site and we can safely say his latest is undoubtedly one of his best. Titled With You, Marque crafts a chilled romantic energy through a breezy melody and warm vocals on the slinky R&B-pop number.

In the lyrics Marque captures the everyday situations that gain a new level of enjoyment when doing them with someone you care about: “I can’t stop thinking about you / All the things that I do / Take the keys and just cruise in the ride / Smoke the blunt and just be / You is all that I need…” Smooth instrumentation and soft backing vocals craft a charm-filled romantic treat.

Marque is building up an impressive musical back catalogue with hits such as Drowning Me, Won’t Lie and Running showcases his skilled songwriting and entrancing vocals.

Connect with MARQUE on his social channels below:

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/painbehavior/

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