Emerging Musical Talent Kelly Kidd Drops Must-Hear New Single ‘Rodeo Clown’

One of the most exciting up-and-coming musical talents to catch our eye recently is multi-talented creative Kelly Kidd. The singer releases his second single Rodeo Clown, an attitude-filled slice of LA country music that follows his debut single Johnny Carson.

Kelly collaborates with Casey Sullivan on Rodeo Clown, which conjures up the bustling energy and machismo of the rodeo. Shining with an ear-worming chorus, Kelly croons “I’m just a rodeo clown / From that laughing stock town / I’m just a rodeo clown…” before bringing into play some humorous lyricism such as “Too proud to beg, Come on stick around, And I’m too tired to prositute / Like Greta Thunberg says we’re heatin’ up / But your sweaty face sure ain’t cute…” Kelly is backed with percussion-driven production, with a the number shining with a grand multi-instrumental feel.

Kelly’s sound is a unique one, playing with elements of country music (his vocal feels naturally raw country), with the attitude of funk music and the slick grooves that you might expect from a dance track. However you want to label it, we certainly like what we hear.

Connect with Kelly on his Instagram here.

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