Norway-Based Pop Talent John North Drops Commanding Electropop Delight ‘Hide’

John North joins the legions of fantastic pop talents emerging from Norway at the moment. The Columbia-born musician has since made a home for himself in Norway and has found inspiration in the country’s awe-inspiring scenery, with bold releases such as Silence and This Feeling capturing a sense of grandeur in their slick production and captivating vocals. John’s latest release is the commanding Hide – an effortlessly cool electronic pop anthem.

With vocals that draw you into the track’s rippling electronic soundscape – complete with finger-snapping rhythms and pounding dramatic production – Hide asserts John as a talent with a bold, uncompromising sound. The track captures the idea of music as a transporting safe space – one that draws you into another world and allows us to explore our inner-selves. The themes of Hide near perfectly parallel the magic and escapist appeal of John’s home of Norway.

John shares: “In Norway, we have a majestic nature. The rawness inspires me to build tracks and write songs that feel like I’m an explorer on a mountain expedition.” There is a real journey at the heart of Hide as its electronic production grows in pace and energy, building to dramatic pop crescendos.

The singer added on his Instagram: “The song is about enjoying your own company. Something that hasn’t been so easy for all of us, but a thing we have to deal with. I hope this song makes you dance wherever you are, in the living room, on the buss or in the car.” John has definitely achieved his aim with Hide.

You can stream Hide above.

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