STEPS Bring Us Remixes and Video for Darren Hayes Penned Winter Pop Banger ‘A Hundred Years of Winter’

STEPS are well into their UK tour promoting their recent albums What the Future Holds and its follow-up What the Future Holds Part 2 with the pop fivesome choosing a cut from the second of these collections as their latest single. The track, A Hundred Years of Winter, is a perfect melancholic seasonal pop anthem that avoids falling into the criteria of Christmas music.

Penned by Darren Hayes and Walter Afanasieff with production from Barry Stone and Julian Gingell, A Hundred Years of Winter sees the subject matter centre on a relationship that has turned cold as shown in lyrics including “Love is caving in, Beneath a hundred years of winter, Love is breaking down, There is no sound, There’s only winter…” Yet STEPS bring an optimistic twist to the track in its rousing synth-adorned chorus “The sunlight Is just around the corner…”

The track is currently receiving its live debut in the group’s What the Future Holds tour, yet will need to be carried by Claire, H, Lisa and Lee alone as Faye recently received the unfortunate news that she would be self-isolating due to testing positive for COVID. Get well soon Faye.

A Hundred Years of Winter is joined by some stonking remixes courtesy of Gareth Shortland and F9. Check out the full remix EP tracklist below:

  1. A Hundred Years of Winter (F9 Remix) – Edit
  2. A Hundred Years of Winter (Shortland Club Mix) – Edit
  3. A Hundred Years of Winter – Edit
  4. A Hundred Years of Winter – F9 Remix
  5. A Hundred Years of Winter – Shortland Club Mix
  6. A Hundred Years of Winter