MARUV Releases New Album ‘No Name’ Packed with Dark Electronic Pop Delights

In a surprise turn of events, last week saw the sudden release of MARUV’s new album No Name. The LP which is predominantly in English sees MARUV release twelve tracks including a collaboration with regular musical partner Boosin (with whom MARUV has given us such anthems as Drunk Groove and I Want You with).

Fans will be familiar with the album’s pre-release tracks Rich Bitch and Bullet which gave listeners a taste of the dark electronic sounds that MARUV explores on the album. The singer accompanies the album with a new dance video for the hypnotic electronic gem Put Your Hands Up (see above). Previous dance videos for Ne Zabudu and Rich Bitch are also available, whilst a cinematic video for Bullet has also been released last month.

Check out the full No Name tracklist below:

  1. Money
  2. Ne zabudu
  3. Put your hands up
  4. You and I
  5. Mara
  6. Pill with my sista
  7. Fingers up
  8. Rich Bitch
  9. Destination (Ft. Boosin)
  10. Bullet (Ft. The Hatters)
  11. On My Skin
  12. By Your Side