Legendary French Singer Sheila Readies ‘Venue d’Ailleurs’ Rerelease With New Tracks and Remixes

Sheila released her twenty-seventh studio album Venue d’Ailleurs earlier this year, a tribute to the plethora of styles that the French star has delved into throughout her extensive career. Sheila will be re-releasing the album on Friday October 29th with four new tracks – ‘Mon étoile’, ‘Rappelle-toi’, ‘Tout à commencer par un rêve’, and ‘Pensez à Moi’ as well as three new remixes of the album’s more dancefloor-orientated tracks.

A statement shares: “Venue d’Ailleurs is one of her most personal records. This musical autobiography oscillates between joy and melancholy, tackling different styles, such as Pop, Rock, Disco and piano-voice. Sheila sings light and nostalgic songs there (the single ‘Tous yéyé’, a nod to the sixties ‘Baby Doll’), other warm and contemporary ones (the folk ballad ‘Belle Journée’, the captivating ‘Chaman’ and ‘Venue d’Ailleurs’), without forgetting some intimate and fragile ones (‘La Rumeur’, ‘Cheval d’Amble’).”

The original album was a triumph with the slinky contemporary pop of Tous yéyé, sixties inspired Baby Doll, folk and singer-songwriter flavours of Belle Journée and the addictive dance music vibes of Laws of Attraction featuring Nile Rodgers. The former and latter of these tracks will be the subject of the upcoming remixes.

With nineteen versatile tracks, Sheila covers all bases on this rerelease which will be available in a 2CD + DVD version and upcoming 2LP vinyl set.

CD 1

01 Belle Journée

02 Tous Yéyé

03 La Rumeur

04 Law of Attraction

05 Chaman

06 Venue d’Ailleurs

07 Ooh La La

08 Cheval d’Amble

09 7eme Continent

10I t’s Not Over Yet (en duo avec Jason Scheff)

11 Baby Doll

12 Mon étoile

13 Rappelle-toi

14 Tout à commencer par un rêve

15 Pensez à moi, parfois

CD 2

01 Law of Attraction (Radio Edit)

02 Law of Attraction (Sky Adam Remix)

03 Law of Attraction (Royale Avenue Remix)

04 Tous Yéyé (USLEF Remix)