Emerging Musical Talent Danny Hallen Drops Impressive ‘Made Up Boyfriend’

Aspiring artist Danny Hallen debuts his latest single Made Up Boyfriend this week. The emerging talent draws inspiration from luminaries such as Billie Eilish, Tate McRae and Griff, however, Made Up Boyfriend is an impressive showcase for Danny’s originality and own voice as an artist.

Opening with finger-snapping production and Danny’s understated vocals, the track builds in tempo through its elegant percussion-driven style. Danny is a largely self-taught musician, noting: “Writing my songs from home, I’m a self taught producer who makes music AT (yes at) and after work whenever I can. My passion is with music and quite honestly would do it as a career if I could.”

Danny notes that the song was quick to come to fruition: “This song formed rather quickly after feeling really left out by my friends at the time who were all in relationships, me being me I fantasized over having a boyfriend wondering what it would feel like to have someone like that but for me.”

“Made Up Boyfriend was my way to cope with being on my own whilst my friends blanked every time they received a message from me,” Danny adds. The track centres on themes that will strike a chord with many listeners and those of us who at times have experienced the position of being ‘the single friend’.

For more insight into Danny and his previous releases, you can connect with him on his social channels.