Boy Untitled Releases Dramatic New Single ‘Lionsgate’ Ahead of Upcoming ‘ZENITH’ Project

Boy Untitled delivers another slice of impeccable pop with his latest single Lionsgate, a dramatic power pop track with an underlying theme of empowerment at its core.

On the new track, Boy Untitled states “It wasn’t until I fully accepted my feelings and gave myself space to grieve the loss of my old life, that my body/mind/spirit was able to accept a new energy in. That first spark of new energy arrived at the base of my spine on 8/8/20 – aka known as “Lionsgate” in astrology. The namesake of this single was the starting point of my journey into the Zenith era. It’s the moment when the energetic shift our collective is now experiencing really sank in for me.”

Lionsgate reflects on how our current times of isolation and separatism have allowed us the chance to reflect upon the cracks within contemporary society. Yet there is an uplifting quality, as channelled in the energetic mounting electronic production, in the themes of regeneration and progress that come from an awareness of societal problems.

Lionsgate is set to feature on Boy Untitled’s upcoming project ZENITH which is slated for a September 2021 release. On the project, the singer notes: “ZENITH explores our evolution; especially the way in which the revolution has affected our need for connection and reliance on one another. Heartfelt, but at the same time dystopian and questioning, ZENITH is deep pop perfection for 2021.”

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