Loredana Bertè Delivers Addictive New Single ‘Figlia di…’ and Sanremo 2021 Medley

Italian pop diva Loredana Bertè made a guest appearance at last night’s Sanremo opening show where she delighted fans with a medley of her greatest hits and delivered a performance of her addictive new single ‘Figlia di…’ (Eng: Daughter Of).

The singer delivered a medley featuring Il mare d’inverno, Dedicato, Non sono una signora, and Sei Bellissima, whilst dedicating the performance to the denunciation of violence against women. The highlight came in the form of Loredana’s performance of her new single Figlia di… a Latin flavoured anthem that sees the iconic chanteuse chant her own name against a Havana inspired chorus. Shawn and Camilla could never!

You can catch up with Loredana’s medley performance here and the first performance of her new single here. Loredana featured as part of our run down on the best Italian pop divas.