German Pop Talent Wincent Weiss Drops ‘Wie es mal war’, Teases 3rd Album

German pop talent Wincent Weiss gets the year off to a positive start with the release of his latest single Wie es mal war – which translates to English as ‘How it used to be.’ Wincent will be dropping the accompanying video at 5pm UK time. The singer notes that Wie es mal war will be the first taste of his eagerly anticipated third studio album:

“I’ve already revealed here and there in interviews that the 3rd album will be very personal and that I’ve written down all the feelings of the last few years in the songs – and that includes the bad ones. As with any of us. At a time when everyone only shows the highlights of their life online, I thought, it is all the more important to simply show all facets. So I’m basically taking you in my notebook from the last few years and I’m looking forward to the album journey that begins now.”

Wie es mal war is written by Konrad Wissmann , Matthias Kurpiers & Wincent. It sees the singer croon “I want it to be the way it used to be” in the chorus which reminisces about times long gone.

Wincent is currently serving as a judge on The Voice Kids Germany alongside the equally handsome Álvaro Soler. You can connect with him here.