Ukrainian Pop Goddess MARUV Releases Gothic Latin Flavoured New Single ‘Maria’

Maruv continues to be one of Ukraine’s most exciting artists and her latest release once again showcases this. The new track Maria released through Warner Music Russia sees the Eastern European pop chanteuse chant ‘Don’t break my heart’ against darkly gothic synths in the opening moments, yet changes shape as it progresses, shining as a uniquely original, attitude-packed concoction throughout.

The singer’s vocals almost veer into the territory of raps as she muses against a mix of industrial synths and piano, whilst a Latin groove is added through guitar instrumentation and a soulful chorus which sees Maruv sing ‘Maria, Maria Maria, Marianna Maria, Maria’.

Maria follows Maruv’s previous 2020 singles: More, Sad Song, Est tolko mig (with Danya Milokhin), and our personal favourite I Want You.

Stream Maria above.

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