Steps Deliver ‘Hold My Heart’ The Next Taste of ‘What the Future Holds’ LP

Steps are firing on all cylinders as they gear up for the release of their latest studio album What the Future Holds on November 27th. Following their balls-to-the-wall banger Something In Your Eyes, the British pop five-piece give us a new buzz track, Hold My Heart.

Tempo is severely lowered with the track which gives each member their fair share of the vocals. It’s a light heartfelt number with lyrics including “‘Cause every single time you hold my heart, I give up, I give up, Forget about how we’ve been set apart, I give up,” delivering an earnest sweetness. With production from Swedish Eurovision entrant Robin Stjernberg gradually mounting, the group’s vocals are the star of this melodramatic track.

Is it what we want from a Steps track? Not massively, but it is a pleasant, albeit forgettable showcase for their vocals. Hopefully they’ve got the ballads out of their system with Under My Skin and Hold My Heart, and will be delivering more bangers in the vein of Something In Your Eyes and What the Future Holds.

Check the full tracklist out below:

1. What The Future Holds
2. Something In Your Eyes
3. Clouds
4. To The Beat Of My Heart
5. Father’s Eyes
6. One Touch
7. Under My Skin
8. Heartbreak In This City
9. Come And Dance With Me
10. Don’t You Leave Us Halfway
11. To The One
12. Hold My Heart

Pre-order here. Stream Hold My Heart above.

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