Jxckson Releases ‘Steal-Your-Man Queer Anthem’ Mango

Austin native Jxckson has already started making waves with his singles Ready for Love?, Keep Watching, and Icarus – but raises the bar even higher with his latest, Mango – a sassy, jubilant queer delight. The Summer anthem sees Jxckson embrace the nineties with a hint of reggae influence – which you can see clearly in the accompanying music video above.

“I think it’s about time you let your mango” and “Make his mouth water like juicy fruit,” Jxckson sings on the attitude-filled, tongue-in-cheek track. With Jxckson’s inventive fast-paced lyrics and highly-charged electronic production, Jxkckson may be correct when he describes the track as the “steal-your-man queer anthem you’ve been waiting for…” The singer notes that the track was inspired by “reggaeton and weird dream about a snake-charmer,” and I’m sure, like us, you are intrigued to find out about the latter.

Connect with Jxckson below:

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